Divvich is a financial social network that investors can connect and learn from each other. Founded in 2019, Divvich’s mission is to change the way people investing and help improve people’s financials. Divvich needs a rewards system that allows users to validate good work from each other to ensure quality content as well as earn income without a restrictive paywall.

Role: UX Designer, UX Researcher (Rewards Feature)

Tools: Figma
Platform: iOS
Time: 3 Months

Di Sun (Co-Founder @Divvich / Interaction Designer @ Google)

Taylor Sun (Lead UX Writer & Co-Founder @ Divvich)

Target Customer

A person who has a business in the stock market for personal use or as a profession engages with stock and investment communities, and check stocks frequently throughout the day.


Create a system to reward users for posting reliable quality content will build a trusting social network community
for investors.

Competitor Analysis


*Note: To respect a non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties, data elements have been modified in their entry.

​​Membership - Monthly $0.00 / Yearly $00.00
- Users are given a special icon indicating membership status
- Free trial membership 0 month(s)
- Access to Divvich statistics which displays data based on user posts and comments (year/month/week/day).
- Members can have other Divvich users to subscribe to their page to access posts exclusive for them.* These posts are later released to the public via Divvich news feed 0 week(s) later.​Gifting- Option to gift anonymously
- Option to write a message to the recipient- Connects to the user’s bank account​​Star Ranking System- The user gains one star when their post or comment is upvoted
- 0 post/comment upvoted every 00 min(s) is counted as 0 star(s) to prevent users from taking advantage of the upvote star system

Ranking Tiers
Bronze - 0 - 00 stars
Silver - 00 - 00 stars
Gold - 00 - 000 stars
Platinum - 000 - 000 stars
Diamond - over 000 stars

Information Architecture


Usability Testing

Goal of usability testing
Determine if Star Ranking Feature enhances user experience and community transparency.
Identify if navigation is clear.

Testing Analysis

-The volunteer really enjoyed using the news feed feature to view posts that aligned with their investment interests.
-The volunteer did not click on the profile of the user who created the post to gain a better understanding if they trusted them as hypothesized.
-Some UI elements were difficult to see. (ie. different colored stokes on user icons)
-Some UI element functions were unclear. (ie. instead of clicking the message bubble, they clicked the post-bar)
-The upvoting/downvoting system was confusing. (ie thought a green checkmark indicated a user was acredible.)
- Page Navigation was unclear. (ie. post, news, price...)
- Star Ranking feature and its purpose was clear to the volunteer.

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